Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~i'm really miss her~

gambar hiasan
since a long time she left me and my family. today i felt really miss her. "her" i mean here is my grandma.tokwan asmah. she's really close with my family. she like to spend time at my home compare to my untie house.always come to my house, take care me and my sis n bro..

she was a great grandma, she always think first about hers grandchild. i'm very close with her. she always talk with me. she already died since 2 years ago. during that i still at UTM, and i didnt back to hometown for her graving ceremony.

i have my reason because at that time i have an exam. she died at my home. one week before she died i have a chance met with her during semester break. i'm felt so bad because didnt back at that time.
deep in my heart i love you my grandma. alfatihah to her. she always say to me,that one day i''ll become successfull person.

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aminah said...

same la citer kiter..laennyer i ilang ATOK....kdg2 rs cm nyesal,ckp syg tp ms dier meninngal tk pg pun..huhu

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