Thursday, December 10, 2009

~stuck ~

oh no...yesterday went to meeting with Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM) discuss the project to develop website portal for them. then after the meeting my supervisor said to me "tarmizi, you lead this project". in my heart, "WHAT!!!!".

definitely i'm dying after this if the project goes to my company hand. today i felt like time was so ahort because of so many thing to do. my supervisor called me 2 times to ask me to do research about develope web site.

so i'm rushing out to google and find any inforrmation regarding to workout how to design the website and find any tutorial . i already borrowed 2 book from library and found so many ebook.
and it problem right now because i dunno which one i have to read first and what should i do first.

after searching so long time and view the ebook and book,i'm stuck because right now the information i got was so many. i opened 2 windows and with 10 tabs of note and information about to design the website.

then i dunno which one i have to read first. finally i open and write this into my blog. haha..
its really a problems to me because i dont have any basic on how to create website. yeah its sound weird when university graduated with computer engineering but dunno how to create website. BUT it because not in my sillybus . so i didnt noe bout it.huhu..

so i have to work hard to. i have to continue my study after finish this blog. MALASIA BOLEH huhu..


ArONEmZ said...

just try ur best mizi..i noe u can do it :)

#yeRn# said...

chaiyok2 mijie...ko kene design guna pe??dreamweaver ke??

MR Bang Miji said...

thanx you wan n yern..nak kene gune

#yeRn# said...

owh..php lg senang kot..huhu

MR Bang Miji said...

tu lar psl..mmbr2x pom ckp php ni nye projek ade link ngn govern. so nak yg secure ..huhu

aimi said...

cayokk miji..hehehe..semue nye secure la mizi..klu x secure nape bnd tu ade..btl tak..??hehehe..nnt smbung la educational technology cam kitorng..cnfrm blja bnd2 alah tu..hehehe

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