Saturday, June 19, 2010

~hate being far from my hometown~

right now felt so hate being far from hometown
really want to go  back to hometown
and just fine new job nearest with my hometown
dont want to ravel far
4 years already stay at south for my study
and now have to continues at west for my career

i felt this after got massage from my mum and said she went to somewhere aroung kuala terengganu to remove batu karang
and already take out 2 from her stomach
i called and she tell that last week she felt so damn sick because of that batu karang
and to decide to remove it

im very worried about my mum
she always hide anything from me
i know she doesn't want to worry
but she have to tell to me
i already tell her to go to hospital and scan back to look either still have the batu karang or not in her stomach
hopefullly all of it already gone

anyone have tips or info about place to recover batu karang please inform mer

p/s: gedik nak gune english. dont worry senang difhm. english dak tadika jer


suamihanyisterizuki said...

bang miji,
sabor ah neh.ambe pon br balek dr ganu nih.ayok dok sehak gok sakit gok. nok wak gane, takdir kite cari rezeki jauh nih.

ambe pon byk kali doh el nih, tobat r dok sapa ujung tahun cuti -ve doh nok wak gane, bile bab mok ayoh dok sangup ork nok biar je kang. kol sokmo la ty psl mok tuh...

husnazainal said...

suh la mak ko g scan..bahaya..skit plak tu..huhuh

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