Wednesday, June 29, 2016

mr papa @ househusband

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

oh well harini hari kedua menjadi mr papa @ househusband or papa panggilan untuk si daddy stay dirumah bersama anak.

hurm al kisahnya husna (* ma doter ) not feeling well since yesterday. be exactly almost 1 week having cough n flu. but start yesterday have fever. so im so worry to send her to taska since she not feeling well.

so i take emergency leave yesterday to stay at home with her, after she woke up around 3 pm, waiting for her mother then went to kids speciallist. as usual doc give the medicine.

at the night after break the fast i feed her all the medicine given by doctor. then she follow me go to mosque for terawi prayer.

then today morning shes body still high temperature. so im still worried so send her to taska. so take another leave today.

now she just sleeping after i feed the medicine.

since raya around 1 weeks left, hope she better before raya. insyaAllah.

so thats the time for me to blogwalking @ facebooking, twittering and instaramming. hahhaa. broken add on.

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