Saturday, April 25, 2009

how to make our room clean & tidy

ish..lawanye bilik aku..haha
pttlar kuat tido..haha

sometime really hate live in the environment so dirty and messing room. so alternatif i took is clean and arrangge all stuff to make it look tidy. but the problem is that scene only can hold for one day. the next day its become messy again. so do u think what is the solution? 1. call ur mom to clean ur room 2. marriage with clearner woman 3. throw away all ur stuff 4. just ignored it
this is my room view from door
wallpaper & messy board
haha..all poster got from pesta konvo..
this is my study table.


Read_One said...

ni blik tahun brpe? haha~ klo nk tgk blik yg bersih n kemas jemput r dtg blik ak, hehehe~

MR Bang Miji said...

hahaha..pandao ko wat lawak wan..haha..tu ader opposite sign erk..hhaa

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