Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~aisss skating~

yesss..finally we did it.since a long time made plan to play ice skating. if i'm not mistaken early week of enter GREAT program plan than want to go play ice skating. then the plan was succesfull made on last sunday. the good thing is last week we as intern under GREAT training. so means that we already plan it 6 month ago. haha

we went to sunway piramid around 1 pm. opss..forgot to tell who's involved with this, azali, aufa, nazmi and nad only. the others have their own reason like have to work, family problems, got fever and etc.

first we lunch at pizza, then after that we walk out to the ice skating. then we saw all the people in the ice skating went out. we thought the time is out. we are so frustrated. then we go to counter and make confirmation what is going on. oo..actually it time for them to clear the water on the ice.
syukur alhamdulillah.

after paid the ticket, we are so nervous. then we must push ourself to feat the feeling.
then like the others, i'm also felt down. but the funny thing is my action are like superman. haha..
already tired then we back around straight to home and sleep.

p/s: saje jer nak tulis dalam bi. nak ikut rehan..anyway redha jer english tunggang langgang.
we never failed if we not try, :)

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rehan syazwani said...

yeah! i l0ike...keep on writing in english...hehe f0r now its time for me to take a short break...but later on i MAYBE write in english again...maybe...eheee ;)

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