Monday, July 26, 2010

~great weekend~

it was one of great weekend
first thing was celebrated besday party for my youngest sister "nurul rabiatul adawiyah"
she was 7 years old
the guest not only among children because my mum also inviting their mom and our nearest relative
at the same time can get closer with my untie, uncle and cousin
so long time didnt meet them

then main menu was laksa penang
from my observation, the guest was really like the laksa penang
because everyone ate it until the laksa habis
then went to shop and buy another three of laksa
and serve to anyone who didnt got change eat it before

the another event met one of my old fren
my teknik frens
7 years ago was last time meet him
spend almost2 hours because he on duty of work
mybe next time we'll meet again

*berbelit2x nak translate.huhu..

1 comment:

Mario said...

happy birthday tuk adik dia...

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