Thursday, July 15, 2010

~i'm thankfull~

yesterday morning
my bos call me and encik amin come into his room
*encik amin will be retired after raya

then bos said to pass encik amin jobs to me
means that i have to take over all his job
the job is have to go to monthly meeting at Majlis perbandaran petaling jaya
regarding to give approval to any new development any area of petaling jaya
the members of the meeting include datuk bandar, citizen representative (wakil rakyat), engineer from TNB, JKR, lawyer,PDRM, Bomba and so on

after briefing what responsible i have to continue
the session end

went out from room, one of the executive talk with encik amin
the conversation is like that:

executive: encik amin, is dat mean i have to take over ur part

encik Amin: yup. that bos order

executive:why did he pass it to senior person mean already have experience

encik amin: dunno lar, my suggestion also rejected by bos, he resist to give to en tarmizi

executive: owh its ok..

actually the coversation happen in front of me, so i have to just keep quite
then after that encik amin whispered to me " actually he want this job"

then i'm wondering why he want it

after chat with encik amin, so many benefit from it:
# food provided for the meeting
#get allowance RM50 per meeting attended
# claim millage

so i'm so thankfull because bos choose me
then i can get extra money

mode: praktice cakap omputih, tak kisah pom nak gelak.:)

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ArONEmZ said...

wah~ naek pangkat ke...gratz2~ =)

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