Thursday, March 25, 2010

~blog aku suke~

adoyai..hari ni ade career fair sempena perasmian jobsmalaysian centre yang baru beroperasi di cyberjaya.
perasmian itu akan dilaksanakan oleh PM kite.
so plan nak pegi dalam pukul 10 jap lagi.
tup tup plak my boss masuk opis.
x penah2x masuk opis awal arini masuk awal plak
buang tebiat agaknya.
so tngh pikir nak bg idea ape..umm..
kate nak pg bank je lar.hehe..

panjang pulak mukaddimahnye.
umm.. i want tp share some blog that i must visit everyday.
its actually give me info that i cant get anywhere...chewah..
as you can see there are so many blog list at the side of my blog.

first one is there was so many current info occur around the world.
not juz for entertainment area, but also like accident, tip2x and etc.

second is when we hear the word mat kepoh definitely the blog more to gossip2x for local & international artis

then & teamaryzs
there was so many drama, & movie ready for download. variety of drama like malay, english, korean etc. same with movie. the special this blog because the all the movie & drama are latest stock.

passion for persian & kitty world was the place to find info & tips to care of cats. there was so many picture their cats. passion for persian have so many persian cats.

the others blog also i visited if there are update entry & if the title of entry was so attractive that can make me felt want to read it...hehe..

oh deng. its already 10 am. my boss still at the office. when she want to go out huh..

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